A Theory of Concurrent Programs and Test Data Adequacy

Candidate: Weiss,Stewart Neil


We establish a general framework for the investigation of concurrent program-based adequacy criteria and we extend notions of program-based test data adequacy to the domain of concurrent programs. This work is consistent with the testing theory proposed by Gourlay and the axiomatization of test data adequacy proposed by Weyuker. Our method is to define a representation of concurrent programs which is particularly suited to the study of the problems of concurrent program testing, and which serves as a model for an extension of a theory of testing to such programs. Our framework also provides the basis for a practical testing tool for concurrent programs. We prove theoretical results concerning various properties of our representation of concurrent programs, among which are notions of completeness, consistency, and computability. We propose approximate solutions to some of the undecidable problems which we encounter. We demonstrate that our theory of concurrent program testing may be used to assess the complexity and reliability of various adequacy criteria for testing concurrent programs. We use our model to investigate and compare concurrent program based adequacy criteria derived from a subclass of structural coverage criteria including a large family of data flow criteria. Finally, we propose practical methods of using our framework as an aid to concurrent program testing.