Representing and Modifying Complex Surfaces
Candidate: Henning Biermann
Advisor: Dennis Zorin


The increasing demand for highly detailed geometric models poses new and important problems in computer graphics and geometric modeling. Applications for complex models range from geometric design and scientific simulations to feature movies and video games.

We focus on the fundamental problem of creating and manipulating complex surface models. We address the problem by designing an efficient and general surface representation, and develop algorithms for efficient modification of surfaces represented in this form. Our surface representation extends existing subdivision-based representations with explicit representation of sharp features and boundaries, which is crucial in many computer-aided design applications.

We consider two types of surface modifications: boolean operations on solids bounded by surfaces, and surface pasting. Our technique rapidly and robustly computes an approximate result rather than aiming for the precise solution. At the same time, our approach allows one to trade speed for accuracy, and, in most cases, compute the result with any desired accuracy. The second type of editing operations we consider address the problem of transferring geometric features between different objects. Our technique makes it easy to combine geometric data from various sources (e.g. 3D scanning, CAGD model) into a single model.