PhD Theses


Chakraborty, Sunandan
Big Data Analytics for Development: Events, Knowledge Graphs and Predictive Models
Abstract   PDF

Chen, Junjie
SMT-Based and Disjunctive Relational Abstract Domains for Static Analysis
Abstract   PDF

Dhananjay, Aditya
Iris: Mitigating Phase Noise in Millimeter Wave OFDM Systems
Abstract   PDF

Eigen, David
Predicting Images using Convolutional Networks: Visual Scene Understanding with Pixel Maps
Abstract   PDF

Gazzillo, Paul
Analyzing Source Code Across Static Conditionals
Abstract   PDF

Goroshin, Ross
Unsupervised Feature Learning in Computer Vision
Abstract   PDF

Hadarean, Liana
Efficient and Trustworthy Theory Solver for Bit-vectors in Satisfiability Modulo Theories
Abstract   PDF

Lowrance, Roy
Predicting the Market Value of Single-Family Residences
Abstract   PDF

Mitchell, Christopher
Building Fast, CPU-Efficient Distributed Systems on Ultra-Low Latency, RDMA-Capable Networks
Abstract   PDF

Silberman, Nathan
Instance Segmentation of RGBD Scenes
Abstract   PDF

Tompson, Jonathan
Localization of Humans in Images Using Convolutional Networks
Abstract   PDF

Wan, Li
Joint Training of a Neural Network and a Structured Model for Computer Vision
Abstract   PDF


Braga, Otavio
On the Human Form: Efficient acquisition, modeling and manipulation of the human body
Abstract   PDF

Cheung, Yun Kuen
Analyzing Tatonnement Dynamics in Economic Markets
Abstract   PDF

Huang, Fu Jie
Low-latency Image Recognition with GPU-accelerated Convolutional Networks for Web-based Services
Abstract   PDF

King, Tim
Effective Algorithms for the Satisfiability of Quantifier-Free Formulas Over Linear Real and Integer Arithmetic
Abstract   PDF

Lopez-Alt, Adriana
Cryptographic Algorithms for the Secure Delegation of Multiparty Computation
Abstract   PDF

Mitchell, Tim
Robust and Efficient Methods for Approximation and Optimization of Stability Measures
Abstract   PDF

Power, Russell
Building Efficient Distributed In-memory Systems
Abstract   PDF

Rubinsteyn, Alex
Runtime Compilation of Array-Oriented Python Programs
Abstract   PDF

Sermanet, Pierre
A Deep Learning Pipeline for Image Understanding and Acoustic Modeling
Abstract   PDF

Stein, Murphy
Towards New Interfaces For Pedagogy
Abstract   PDF

Tentes, Aristeidis
Computational Complexity Implications of Secure Coin-Flipping
Abstract   PDF

Xu, Wei
Data-driven Approaches for Paraphrasing across Language Variations
Abstract   PDF

Youngs, Noah
Positive-Unlabeled Learning in the Context of Protein Function Prediction
Abstract   PDF

Zeiler, Matthew
Hierarchical Convolutional Deep Learning in Computer Vision
Abstract   PDF


Gkatzelis, Vasilis
Incentive-Centered Design of Money-Free Mechanisms
Abstract   PDF

Hielscher, Eric
Locality Optimization for Data Parallel Programs
Abstract   PDF

Kovacs, Denis
Piecewise Smooth Surfaces with Features
Abstract   PDF

Krishnan, Dilip
Low-level Image Priors and Laplacian Preconditioners for Applications in Computer Graphics and Computational Photography
Abstract   PDF

Min, Bonan
Relation Extraction with Weak Supervision and Distributional Semantics
Abstract   PDF

Paik, Michael
Usable Security Mechanisms in the Developing World

Popat, Preyas
Inapproximability Reductions and Integrality Gaps
Abstract   PDF

Rosenberg, Ilya
Natural Interaction with a Virtual World
Abstract   PDF

Sharma, Ashlesh
Security Mechanisms for Physical Authentication

Spiro, Ian
Augmenting Information Flow for Visual Privacy
Abstract   PDF

Sundstrom, Andrew
Toward a computational solution to the inverse problem of how hypoxia arises in metabolically heterogeneous cancer cell populations
Abstract   PDF

Tierney, Matthew
Rethinking Information Privacy for the Web
Abstract   PDF


Boureau, Y-Lan
Learning Hierarchical Feature Extractors For Image Recognition
Abstract   PDF

Franquin, Pierre
On populations, haplotypes and genome sequencing
Abstract   Compressed PostScript   PDF 

Galron, Daniel
Optimizing Machine Translation by Learning to Search
Abstract   Compressed PostScript   PDF  

Grimes, Matthew
Flexible-Cost SLAM
Abstract   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Jovanovic, Dejan
SMT Beyond DPLL(T): A New Approach to Theory Solvers and Theory Combination
Abstract  Compressed PostScript  PDF 

Langston, Matthew Harper
An Adaptive Fast Multipole Method-Based PDE Solver in Three Dimensions
Abstract   PDF

Liao, Shasha
Acquiring information from wider scope to improve event extraction
Abstract   Compressed Postscript   PDF  

Paisios, Nektarios
Mobile Accessibility Tools for the Visually Impaired
Abstract   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Soule, Robert
Reusable Software Infrastructure for Stream Processing
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Sun, Ang
Rapid Training of Information Extraction with Local and Global Data Views
Abstract   PDF

Sovran, Yair
Building scalable geo-replicated storage backends for web applications
Abstract   PDF

Tran, Nguyen
Combating Sybil attacks in cooperative systems
Abstract   PDF

Waltman, Peter
Multi-species biclustering: An integrative method to identify functional gene conservation between multiple species
Abstract  , Compressed PostScript  , PDF.


Alwen, Joel
Collusion Preserving Computation
Abstract   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Chen, Jay
Re-architecting Web and Mobile Information Access for Emerging Regions
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Chikanian, Igor
Automatic Deduction for Theories of Algebraic Data Types
AbstractCompressed PostScript,   PDF

Haralambiev, Kristiyan
Efficient Cryptographic Primitives for Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proofs and Applications
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Kavukcuoglu, Koray
Learning Feature Hierarchies for Object Recognition
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Klein, Uri
Topics in Formal Synthesis and Modeling
Abstract   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Lin, Long
Adaptive Isotopic Approximation of Nonsingular Curves and Surfaces
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Millstone, Marc
Real-Space Localization Methods for Minimizing the Kohn-Sham Energy
AbstractCompressed PostScript,   PDF

Narzisi, Giuseppe
Scoring-and-Unfolding Trimmed Tree Assembler: Algorithms for Assembling Genome Sequences Accurately and Efficiently
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Wichs, Daniel
Cryptographic Resilience to Continual Information Leakage
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Yu, Jihun
Surface Representation of Particle Based Fluids
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF


Bosley, Carleton
On the Randomness Requirements for Privacy
Abstract,   PDF

Chen, Huang-Wen
Machine Learning Approaches to Gene Duplication and Transcription Regulation
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Chow, Sze Ming
New Privacy-Preserving Architectures for Identity-/Attribute-based Encryption
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Conway, Christopher L.
Tools and Techniques for the Sound Verification of Low Level Code
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Dhandapani, Raghavan
Probabilistic and Topological methods in Computational Geometry
Abstract,   PDF

Erkan, Ayse Naz
Semi-Supervised Learning via Generalized Maximum Entropy
Abstract,   PDF

Ge, Yeting
Solving Quantified First Order Formulas in Satisfiability Modulo Theories
Abstract, PDF

Kleinberg, Samantha
An Algorithmic Enquiry Concerning Causality
Abstract,   PDF

Mirowski, Piotr
Time Series Modeling with Hidden Variables and Gradient-Based Algorithms
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Poultney, Christopher
Structure Prediction and Visualization in Molecular Biology
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Rostamizadeh, Afshin
Theoretical Foundations and Algorithms for Learning with Multiple Kernels
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Secord, Adrian
Creating collections and evaluating viewpoints: Selection techniques for interface design

Spivak, Marina
Analysis of Mass Spectrometry Data for Protein Identification In Complex Biological Mixtures
Abstract  Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Talwalkar, Ameet
Matrix Approximation for Large-scale Learning
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF


Chopra, Sumit
Factor Graphs for Relational Regression
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Gade, Kranthi
Numerical Estimation of the Second Largest Eigenvalue of a Reversible Markov Transition Matrix
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Gingold, Yotam
2D-Centric Interfaces and Algorithms for 3D Modeling
Abstract ,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Gottlieb, Lee-Ad
Proximity problems for point sets residing in spaces with low doubling dimension
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Howe, Daniel
Creativity Support for Computational Literature
Abstract,   PDF

Mitrofanova, Antonina
Efficient Systems Biology Algorithms for Biological Networks over Multiple Time-Scales: From Evolutionary to Regulatory Time
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Parilov, Evgueni
Detecting, modeling and rendering complex configurations of curvilinear features
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Ranzato, Marc'Aurelio
Unsupervised Learning of Feature Hierarchies
Abstract,   PDF

Weinstein, Eugene
Search Problems for Speech and Audio Sequences
Abstract PDF

Yau, Siu-Man
Using Application-Domain Knowledge in the Runtime Support of Multi-Experiment Computational Studies
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Zaks, Ganna
Ensuring Correctness of Compiled Code
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF


Cohen, Ariel
Verification of Transactional Memories and Recursive Programs
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Hadsell, Raia
Learning Long-Range Vision for an Offroad Robot
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Plock, Cory
Synthesizing Executable Programs from Requirements
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Rastogi, Ashish
Theory and Algorithms for Modern Machine Learning Problems and an Analysis of Markets
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Tosun, Elif
Geometric Modeling with High Order Derivatives
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF


Annapureddy, Siddhartha
Scaling Data Servers via Cooperative Caching
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Balaban, Ittai
Shape Analysis by Abstraction, Augmentation, and Transformation
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Freedman, Michael
Democratizing Content Distribution
AbstractCompressed PostScriptPDF

Ji, Heng
Joint Inference for Information Extraction and Translation
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Nicolosi, Antonio
Authentication Mechanisms for Open Distributed Systems
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Puniya, Prashant
New Design Criteria for Hash Functions and Block Ciphers
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Shinyama, Yusuke
Being Lazy and Preemptive at Learning toward Information Extraction
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Turian, Joseph
Constituent Parsing by Classification
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Walfish, Shabsi
Enhanced Security Models for Network Protocols
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Wellington, Benjamin
Tree-Structured Models of Multitext: Theory, Design and Experiments
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Zaks, Aleksandr
Formal Verification Using Static and Dynamic Analyses
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF


Du, Zilin
Guaranteed Precision for Transcendental and Algebraic Computation Made Easy
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Fazio, Nelly
On Cryptographic Techniques for Digital Rights Management
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Gill, Ofer Hirsch
Finding Your Match: Techniques for Improving Sequence Alignment in DNA and RNA
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

He, Congchun
DataSlicer: A Hosting Platform for Data-Centric Network Services
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Ionita, Iuliana
Multimarker Genetic Analysis Methods for High Throughput Array Data
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Lees, Alyssa
Expressive Motion
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Li, Jinyuan
Building Trustworthy Storage Services out of Untrusted Infrastructure
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Mengi, Emre
Measures for Robust Stability and Controllability
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Mysore, Venkatesh Pranesh
Algorithmic Algebraic Model Checking: Hybrid Automata & Systems Biology
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Ning, Feng
Building an Automatic Phenotyping System of Developing Embryos
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Osinski, Edward
A Polymorphic Type System and Compilation Scheme for Record Concatenation
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Pevzner, Ilya
A Probabilistic Learning Approach to Attribute Value Inconsistency Resolution

Shao, Wei
Animating Autonomous Pedestrians
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Sharma, Vikram
Complexity Analysis of Algorithms in Algebraic Computation
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Sun, Bing
Pairwise Comparison between Genomic Sequences and Optical-Maps
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Totok, Alexander
Exploiting Service Usage Information for Optimizing Server Resource Management
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Wang, Zhihua
Time Series Matching: A Multi-Filter Approach
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Wang, Ziyang
Incremental Web Search: Tracking Changes in the Web
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Zhang, Xin
Fast Algorithms for Burst Detection
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Zhao, Xiaojian
High Performance Algorithms for Multiple Streaming Time Series
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Zhao, Yuanyuan
Distribution of Route-Impacting Control Information in a Publish/Subscribe System with Delivery Guarantees
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF


Fang, Yi
Translation Validation of Optimizing Compilers
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Hu, Ying
Translation Validation of Loop Optimizations
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Kichkaylo, Tatiana
Construction of Component-Based Applications by Planning
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Robbins, Christopher A.
Extensible MultiModal Environment Toolkit (EMMET): A Toolkit for Prototyping and Remotely Testing Speech and Gesture Based Multimodal Interfaces
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Tsirigos, Aristotelis
Pattern Discovery for Hypotheses Generation in Biology
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Xu, Jiazhao
Automatic Verification of Parameterized Systems
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Yu, Xin
Mobility, Route Caching, and TCP Performance in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Zhao, Shubin
Information Extraction from Multiple Syntactic Sources
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF


Ivan, Anca
Partitionable Services Framework: Seamless Access to Distributed Applications
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Paxia, Salvatore
VALIS: A Multi-language System for Rapid Prototyping in Computational Biology
Abstract   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Peng, Jianbo
Thick Surfaces: Interactive Modeling of Topologically Complex Geometric Details
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Shin, Ji-Ae
TM-LPSAT: Encoding Temporal Metric Planning in Continuous Time
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Sudo, Kiyoshi
Unsupervised Discovery of Extraction Patterns for Information Extraction
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Ying, Lexing
An Efficient and High-Order Accurate Boundary Integral Solver for the Stokes Equations in Three Dimensional Complex Geometries
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Zhu, Yunyue
High Performance Data Mining in Time Series: Techniques and Case Studies
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF


Freudenthal, Eric
Comparing and Improving Centralized and Distributed Techniques for Coordinating Massively Parallel Shared-Memory Systems
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Fu, Xiaodong
Infrastructure Support for Accessing Network Services in Dynamic Network Environments
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Hung-Hsien, Chang
Enriched Content: Concept, Architecture, Implementation, and Applications
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

A framework for optimistic program optimization

Waldman, Marc
Secure and Robust Censorship-Resistant Publishing Systems
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Yen, Ting-jen
A Qualitative Profile-based Approach to Edge Detection
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF


Adomavicius, Gediminas
Expert-Driven Validation of Set-Based Data Mining Results
Abstract,   Compressed PostScriptPDF

Been, Kenneth
Responsive Thinwire Visualization of Large Geographic Datasets
Abstract,   Compressed PostScriptPDF

Biermann, Henning
Representing and Modifying Complex Surfaces
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Daruwala, Raoul-Sam
On computing the Pareto-optimal solution set in a large scale dynamic network
Abstract,   Compressed PostScriptPDF

Rudra, Archisman
Informative Features in Vision and Learning
Abstract,   Compressed PostScriptPDF


Berger, Gideon
Knowledge Discovery in Databases for Intrusion Detection, Disease Classification and Beyond
Abstract,   Compressed PostScriptPDF

Chang, Fangzhe
Automatic Adaption of Tunable Distributed Applications
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Hertzmann, Aaron
Algorithms for Rendering in Artistic Styles
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript (Full Version - 90 MB),   PDF (300 dpi version - 30.6 MB).

Kerne, Andruid
Collage Machine: A Model of "Interface Technology"
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Kim, Hansoo
Region-based Register Allocation for EPIC Architectures
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Klinger, Tamir
Adversarial Reasoning: A Logical Approach for Computer Go
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Leung, Allen
Machine Level Optimizations for High Level Languages

Li, Chen
Exact Geometric Computation: Theory and Applications
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Oh, Jong
An On-Line Handwriting Recognizer with Fisher Matching, Hypotheses Propagation Network and Context Constraint Models
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Pao, Hsing-Kuo (Kenneth)
Continuous Model for Salient Shape Selection and Representation
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Yang, Zhe
Language Support for Program Generation Reasoning, Implementation, and Applications
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF


Bacon, David.
SETL for Internet Data Processing.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Figueroa, Sam.
A Rigorous Framework for Fully Supporting the IEEE Standard for Floating-Point Arithmetic in High-Level Programming Languages.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Goyal, Deepak.
A Language-Theoretic Approach to Algorithms.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Huang, Shih-Chen.
Supporting a Flexible Parallel Programming Model on a Network of Non-Dedicated Workstations.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Ishikawa, Hiroshi.
Global Optimization Using Embedded Graphs.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Jermyn, Ian.
On the Use of Functionals on Boundaries in Hierarchical Models of Object Recognition.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Li, Ninghui
Delegation Logic: A Logic-based Approach to Distrbuted Authorization
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Talla, Surendranath
Adaptive Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Tanzer, David
Queryable Expert Systems
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF

Yangarber, Roman
Scenario Customization for Information Extraction
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.


Afshartous, Niki.
Higher-Order Conditional Synchronization.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Baratloo, Arash.
Metacomputing on on Commodity Computers.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Borthwick, Andrew.
A Maximum Entropy Approach to Named Entity Recognition.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Buff, Robert.
Algorithms for Nonlinear Models in Computational Finance and their Object-oriented Implementation.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Chen, Hseu-Ming.
Prototyping a Prototyping Language.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Distributed intelligence with bounded rationality: Applications to economies and networks

Floratos, Aristidis.
Pattern Discovery in Biology: Theory and Applications.
Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Garcia-Keller, Martin.
Matching Algorithms and Feature Match Quality Measures for Model-Based Object Recognition with Applications to Automatic Target Recognition.
Compressed Postscript,   PDF.

Greenwald, Amy.
Learning to Play Network Games.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Hecker,Yaron Chanoch
Experiments in refining graphical interface widgets

Jai, Benchiao.
Automated Software Deployment.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Monrose, Newman Fabian.
Toward Stronger User Authentication.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Nayakkankuppam, Madhu.
Optimization Over Symmetric Cones.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Rajkumar, Ajay.
Efficient Computational Model for Energy Propagation in Geoemtrically Represented Large Envirnoments.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Schwartz, Naftali.
Automatic Parallelization: An Incremental, Optimistic, Practical Approach.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Yung, Chung.
Destructive Effect Analysis And Finite Differencing For Strict Functional Languages.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.


Chang, Ee-Chien.
Foveation Techniques and Scheduling Issues in Thinwire Visualization.

Chu, Churngwei.
Techniques to Improve the Performance of Software-based Distributed Shared Memory Systems.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Fox, David.
Deformable Object Tabula Rasa: A Zoomable User Interface System.

Karaul, Mehmet.
Metacomputing and Resource Allocation on the World Wide Web.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Li, Bin.
Free Parallel Data Mining.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Lin, Dao-I.
Fast Algorithms for Discovering the Maximum Frequent Set.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Parida, Laxmi.
Algorithmic Techniques in Computational Genomics.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Piatko, Peter.
Thinksheet: a Tool for Information Navigation.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Sekine, Satoshi.
Corpus-based Parsing and Sublanguage Studies.

Ungureanu, Cristian.
Abstract Models of Distributed Memory Management.

Fault-tolerant parallel computing on networks of non-dedicated workstations


Baldwin, Bernard.
Multiscale Snakes: Resolution-Appropriate Shape Descriptions.

Liu, Tyng-Luh.
Deformable Object Recognition with Articulations and Occlusions.

Marinescu, Mihnea.
Partial evaluation of concurrent programs.

Porras, Juan.
Pricing and Hedging Volatility Risk in Interest-Rate Derivatives.

Shriver, Elizabeth.
Performance Modeling for Realistic Storage Devices.


Basu, Saugata.
Algorithms in Semi-Algabraic Geometry.

Epstein, Mark.
Statistical Source Channel Models for Natural Language Understanding.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Sabbagh, Hadil.
Solving the Navier-Stokes Equations on a Distributed Parallel Computer.


Antoniotti, Marco.
Synthesis and Verification of Controllers for Robotics and Manufacturing Devices with Temporal Logic and the "Control-D" System.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Chiu, Jen-Lung.
Planning in an Imperfect World Using Previous Experiences.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Choi, Joonsoo.
Geodesic Problems in High Dimensions.

Edler, Jan.
Practical Structures for Parallel Operating Systems.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Fuchs, Matthew.
Dreme: for Life in the Net.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Jeong, Karpjoo.
Fault-tolerant Parallel Processing Combining Linda, Checkpointing, and Transactions.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Liu, Jyhjong.
A Model-Based 3-D Object Recognition System Using Geometric Hashing with Attributed Features.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Teichmann, Marek.
Grasping and Fixturing: a Geometric Study and an Implementation.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.


Dickey, Susan.
Systolic Combining Switch Designs.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Ericson, Lars.
Gedanken: A tool for Pondering the Tractability of Correct Program Technology.

Hariharan, Ramesh.
Designing Pattern Matching Algorithms by Exploiting Structural Pattern Properties.

Katz, Alex.
Compilation of Array-Style Programs for Distributed Memory MIMD Machines: a Geometric Approach.

Liu, Zhiqing.
Lazy SETL Debugging with Persistent Data Structures.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Muthukrishnan, S.
Searching for Strings and Searching in Presence of Errors.

Nickerson, Jeffrey.
Visual Programming.

Yao, Chi.
Representing Control in Parallel Applicative Programming.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.


Agarwal, Pankaj.
Cell-based Computer Models in Developmental Biology.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Capoyleas, Vasilis.
Applications of Convexity in Computational Geometry.

Chuang, Tyng-Ruey.
New Techniques for the Analysis and Implementation of Functional Programs.

Fernandes, Christopher.
Nonholonomic Motion Planning : Algorithms and Software.

Goradia, Tarak.
Dynamic Impact Analysis: Analyzing Error Propagation in Program Executions.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Hwang, Wen-Liang.
Singularity Detection, Noise Reduction and Multifractal Fractal Characterization.

Koren, Gilad.
Competitive On-line Scheduling for Overloaded Real-Time Systems.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Narayanan, Babu.
Probabilistic Methods in Computer Science and Combinatorics.

Papadopoulos, Georgios.
Singularity Detection, Dataflow Analysis of Logic Programs Using Typed Domains.

Perry, Adi.
Statistical Recognition of Textured Patterns From Local Spectral Decomposition.

Rozen, Steven.
Automating Physical Database Design: An Extensible Approach.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Tsai, Frank.
A Probabilistic Approach to Geometric Hashing using Line Features.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.


Bederson, Benjamin.
A Miniature Space-Variant Active Vision System: Cortex-I.

Chang, Chia-Hsiang.
Regular Expressions to DFA's using Compressed NFA's.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Gallo, Giovanni.
Complexity Issues in Computational Algebra.

Hsieh, Chih-Hung.
Typing Higher-Order Functions with Dynamic Dispatching.

Landau, Pierre.
Computer Simulation of Cortical Polymaps.

Laufer, Konstantin.
Polymorphic Type Inference and Abstract Data Types.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Oliver, Neil.
A sublanguage based medical language processing system for German.

Ong, Ping-Wen.
Image Processing, Pattern Recognition and Attentional Algorithms in a Space-Variant Active Vision System.

Ouyang, Pei.
On Compiling Regular Loops for Efficient Parallel Execution.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Peng, Ping.
Japanese/English Machine Translation Using Sublanguage Patterns and Reversible Grammars.

Rennels, Deborah.
The Analysis and Generation of Tests for Programming Language Translators.

Rigoutsos, Isidore.
Massively Parallel Bayesian Object Recognition.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Silver, Naomi.
Control of a Dexterous Robot Hand: Theory, Implementation, and Experiments.

Siritzky, Brian.
Executable Operational Semantics of Programming Languages.

Snyder, Kirk.
Non-Correcting Error Recovery For LR Parsers.

Sundareswaran, V.
Global Methods for Image Motion Analysis.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.


Anderson, Brian.
Persistent LINDA: Design and implementation of a system to add transactions to LINDA.

Botta, Alexander.
A Theory of Natural Learning.

Charles, Phillipe.
A Practical Method for Constructing Efficient LALR(k) Parsers with Automatic Error Recovery.

Chitrao, Mahesh.
Statistical Techniques for Parsing Messages.

On the satisfiability problem for unquantified classes of formulae involving set-theoretical and topological constructs

Gasperoni, Franco.
Scheduling for Horizontal Systems: The VLIW Paradigm in Persepctive.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Hind, Michael.
Efficienty Loop-Level Parallelism in ADA.

Kalvin, Alan.
Segmentation and Surface-Based Modeling Objects in Three-Dimensional Biomedical Images.

Kelly, Robert.
The Development of Parallel Image Algorithms by Prototyping.

Lanin, Vladimir.
Semantically Based Concurrent Data Structure Algorithms.

Li, Ke.
On the Optimization of Term Rewriting.

Mitsolides, Thanasis.
The Design and Implementation of ALLOY, a Higher Level Parallel Programming Language.
Abstract,   Compressed PostScript,   PDF.

Park, Young G.
Semantic program analyses for storage management optimizations in functional language implementations.

Pedersen, Paul.
Counting Real Zeros.

Combinatorial and algorithmic analysis of stabbing and visibility problems in three-dimensional space

Prabhu, N.
Properties of Convex Polytopes.

Sundar, Rajamani.
Amortized Complexity of Data Structures.

Teller, Patricia.
Performance Evaluation of Solutions to the TLB Consistency Problem.

Tetali, Prasad.
Applications and Analysis of Probabilistic Techniques.

Turek, John.
Resilient Computations in the Presence of Slow-Downs.

Wang, Tsong-Li.
Query Optimization in Database and Information Retrieval Systems.

You, Yongtao.
Toward a Fully Integrated VLSI CAD System: from Custom to Fully Automatic.

Edge representation from wavelet transform maxima


Dinning, Anne
Detecting Nondeterminism in Shared Memory Parallel Programs

Program transformation for efficient derivation of multiple solutions in concurrent logic languages

Mirza,Mirza G. R.
Data structures and algorithms for hierarchical memory machines

Perez-Carballo,Jose F.
Design and implementation of HyTeK: A knowledge-based hypertext system

On a generalization of Herbrand's theorem

Rojer,Alan S.
Space-variant computer vision with a complex-logarithmic sensor geometry

Salkind,Louis K.
SAGE: A real-time operating system for robotic supervisory control

The APRAM: A model for asynchronous parallel computation


Combinatorial and algorithmic analysis of space decomposition problems

Clark,Dayton R.,Jr.
Data communication in robot control systems

Cox,James L.
On-line motion planning

Dube,Thomas William
Quantitative analysis of problems in computer algebra: Grobner bases and the Nullstellensatz

Flynn-Hummel,Susan Frances
SMARTS--Shared-memory Multiprocessor Ada Run Time Supervisor

A computational treatment of the comparative

Goldberg,Robert Raphael
Verification of three-dimensional model parameters from two-dimensional image data

Topics in algebraic computing: Subresultants, GCD, factoring and primary ideal decomposition

Object recognition by geometric hashing

Mapping algorithms on regular parallel architectures

Transformations for backtracking SETL programs

Operowsky,Howard Lawrence
Optimization and garbage collection in Ada programs on shared memory computers

Tuzhilin,Alexander Sergei
Using relational discrete event systems and models for prediction of future behavior of databases

Yang,Xue Dong
Fuzzy disk modeling and rendering of textured complex three-dimensional surfaces of real objects

The editing distance between trees: Algorithms and applications


Parallel algorithms for band SPD systems of linear equations

Dimitrovsky,Isaac Aaron
ZLISP--a portable parallel LISP environment

Reasoning about shape and kinematic function in mechanical devices

Use of three-dimensional curves in computer vision

Ksiezyk,Tomasz Bartlomiej
Simulation-based understanding of texts about equipment

Lewis,Henry Merriman
Extensions to SETL to support problem specification and transformation of imperative programs

Foundations of a logic of knowledge, action, and communication

Straub,Robert Michael
Taliere: An interactive system for data structuring SETL programs

Wilson,James M.
Operating system data structures for shared memory MIMD machines with fetch-and-add


Cantone,Domenico A.
A Decision Procedure for a Class of Unquantified Formulae of Set Theory Involving the Powerset and Singleton Operators

Tape Reversal and Parallel Time

Frankl,Phyllis G.
The use of Data Flow Information for the Selection and Evaluation of Software Test Data

Control and Task Planning for a Four Finger Dextrous Manipulator

Johnson,Stephen Bennett
An Analyzer for the Information Content of Sentences (Semantics)

Description of Shape using Orientation and Propagation Flow

Solworth,Jon A.
Generic: a Programming Language for Vlsi Layout and Layout Manipulation

Weiss,Stewart Neil
A Theory of Concurrent Programs and Test Data Adequacy


Carrihill,Brian Lee
Three-Dimensional Data Acquisition by Means of the Intensity Ratio Depth Sensor (Vision, Robotics)

Polygon Optimization Problems (Computational Geometry, Algorithm)

Goss,Clinton Francis
Machine Code Optimization

Gurwitz,Chaya Bleich
Sequential Quadratic Programming Methods Based on Approximating a Projected Hessian Matrix (Updating Method, Quasi-Newton, Nonlinear Constraints)

Mcauliffe,Kevin Patrick
Analysis of Cache Memories in Highly Parallel Systems

Perlin,Kenneth H.
Synthesizing Realistic Textures by the Composition of Perceptually Motivated Functions (Graphics)

Sarnak,Neil Ivor
Persistent Data Structures

Shulman,Norman Victor
The Semantics of Shared Variables in Parallel Programming Languages

Recursive Data Types in Setl: Automatic Determination, Data Language Description, and Efficient Implementation (Compilers)


Benjamin,David Paul
Extraction and Generalization of Expert Advice (Learning, Representation, Induction)


Freudenberger,Stefan M.
On the use of Global Optimization Algorithms for the Detection of Semantic Programming Errors (Setl, Data Flow, Type Finding)

Description of Operating Systems using Very-High-Level Diction (Programming Languages)

Omodeo,Eugenio Giovanni
Decidability and Proof Procedures for Set Theory with a Choice Operator

Piatetsky-Shapiro,Gregory Ilya
A Self-Organizing Database System - a Different Approach to Query Optimization

Concurrency Control using Locks in Distributed Databases


Burke,Michael George
A Practical Method for Lr and Ll Syntactic Error Diagnosis and Recovery

Digricoli,Vincent Joseph
Resolution by Unification and Equality

Shields,Lynwood David
Measuring Setl Performance

Sigal,Ron Mark
Undecidable Complexity Statements in a Hierarchy of Extensions of Primitive Recursive Arithmetic

Weixelbaum,Elia S.
Formal Languages with Oracles


Decision Algorithms for a Class of Set-Theoretic Formulae Involving One Occurrence of the Union-Set Operator

Merritt,Susan Mary
The Role of the High Level Specification in Programming by Transformation: Specification and Transformation by Parts

Rudolph,Lawrence S.
Software Structures for Ultraparallel Computing


Buckingham,Mark Alan
Circle Graphs

Arnow,David Moss
Stochastic Solutions to the Schroedinger Equation for Fermions

Synchronization Efficiency

Decision Procedures for some Classes of Unquantified Set Theoretic Formulae

A Transformational Framework for Automatic Derived Data Control and its Applications in an Entity-Relationship Data Model

Kruskal,Clyde Philip
Upper and Lower Bounds on the Performance of Parallel Algorithms


Deak,Edith Gail
The Transformational Approach to the Development and Verification of Programs in a very High Level Language

Meyer,Jeanine Marietta
An Implementation for Gyve: a Language for Concurrent Processing

Warren,Henry Stanley,Jr.
Optimization of Inductive Assertions


Loerinc,Beatrice Margaret
Computing Chromatic Polynomials for Special Families of Graphs

Groups with Solvable Word Problems

Automatic Storage Optimization

Fisher,Joseph Allen
The Optimization of Horizontal Microcode within and Beyond Basic Blocks: an Application of Processor Scheduling with Resources

Goldberg,Allen T.
On the Complexity of the Satisfiability Problem

Paige,Robert Allan
Expression Continuity and the Formal Differentiation of Algorithms

Schneck,Paul Bennett
Comparison of Direct Code Generation and Intermediate Language Generationfor Bootstrapping the Machine-Independent Compiler, Little

Stolfo,Salvatore Joseph
Automatic Discovery of Heuristics for Nondeterministic Programs from Sample Execution Traces


Coppage,Samuel Francis,Jr.
Decision Regions for Multi-Stage Allocation Problems

Hartzman,Peter David
Configurable Software for Satellite Graphics

Automatic Data Structure Choice in Setl

Shaw,Philip Sidell
Gyve, a Programming Language for Protection and Control in a Concurrent Processing Environment


Computer Reconstruction of Bodies Bounded by Quadric Surfaces from a Set of Imperfect Projections


Laderman,Julian David
On Algorithms for Minimizing the Number of Multiplications in Matrix Products

Owens,Philip Jonathan
A Comprehensive Survey of Parsing Algorithms for Programming Languages

A Hierarchical Technique for Mechanical Theorem Proving and its Application to Programming Language Design

Programming of Mechanism Motions

Sperling,Michael Zelig
Inferential Learning through Counterexample Construction


Markstein,Peter Willy
Operating System Specification using very High Level Dictions

Stryker,Charles William
Visual Information Processing of Isolated Character Inputs

Teichman,Sheldon M.
An Investigation into a Probability Model for Correct Target Letter Detection

A Computer Based Approach to some Geometric Aspects of Character Recognition


Gewirtz,William Lawrence
Investigations in the Theory of Descriptive Complexity

Hobbs,Jerry Robert
A Metalanguage for Expressing Grammatical Restrictions in Nodal Spans Parsing of Natural-Language

Ramer,Eugen Urs
Computer Edge Extraction from Photographs of Curved Objects

Optimum Correction of Pincushion Distortion

Tenenbaum,Aaron Melvin
Type Determination for very High Level Languages


Agresti,William Wolfgang
Recursive Compiler-Optimization for Nonserial Program Graphs

Studies in Pattern Recognition of Line-Size, Line-Orientation and their Interaction

Computer Recognition of Handprinted Two-Dimensional Mathematics

Sub-Elementary Classes of Functions and Relations

A Study in Programming Techniques

Waxman,Jerry Milton
A Comparison of some Deadlock Models


Knobe,Bruce Stuart
An Experimental Comparison of the Efficiency of Parsing Techniques

Reggiori,Giovanni B.
Digital Computer Transformations for Irregular Line-Drawings


Brown,Theodore David
A Network Queueing Model of a Multiprogrammed Time-Shared Computer System

Firestone,Roger Morris
Parallel Programming: Operational Model and Detection of Parallelism

Kennedy,Kenneth Wade,Jr.
Global Flow Analysis and Register Allocation for Simple Code Structures

Rabinowitz,Andrew David
Reconstruction of Polyhedra from Sets of their Perspective Projections

Sharma,Onkar P.
A Trainable Syntactic Model for Syntax Specification and Recognition of Handdrawn Two-Dimensional Patterns

A Systematic Method for the Creation of Data Structures in Computer Graphics Applications

Woon,Peter Yi-do
A Computer Procedure for Generating Visible-Line Drawings of Solids Bounded by Quadric Surfaces


The Optimum Two-Dimensional Allocation of Irregular, Multiply-Connected Shapes with Linear, Logical and Geometric Constraints

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