Candidate: Deborah Rennels
Advisor: Edmond Schonberg

The Analysis and Generation of Tests for Programming Language Translators
September 14, 1992


This thesis addresses the automation of two aspects of compiler validation testing: semantic analysis of existing test programs, and construction of new test programs. Semantic analysis is required during test modification and maintenance, and also when evaluating the language coverage attained by the test suite. In the current state of practice, both the semantic analysis and the construction of new test programs are extremely labor-intensive tasks; both, however, are amenable to automation. We describe two systems; one, which we have implemented, involves test case analysis and feature identification. The other is a proposed system for automatic generation of tests from test specifications. We tested our methods on the largest and most comprehensive compiler validation project to date- the Ada Compiler Validation Capability (ACVC), a large collection of Ada test programs used to verify that compilers conform to the Ada language standard.

We first describe the Ada Features Identification System (AFIS), a system which automates test program analysis. AFIS provides three different methods for identifying Ada language features in test programs, ranging from elementary syntactic items to complex context-sensitive combinations of semantic features. Semantic feature copmbinations are specified by writing program templates in a pattern language which is an extension of Ada, and pattern-matching these templates against test programs.

In the second part of this thesis we define a language to facilitate the specification of Ada compiler test objectives, and the design of a system that uses these specifications to automatically generate valid Ada test programs. The language allows a test developer to write a specification that embodies the testing goal of a given objective, without including all type and expression information required in a complete test program. These details are supplied automatically by the generator system. We show, by numerous examples taken from the Ada Implementors Guide (the design document for the Ada validation suite), how Ada test objectives can be specified in this language. The focus of our examples is constraint violation checking, which is an important component of Ada's strong typing system, and also a basic organizing principle of the ACVC tests.