New York University

Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

My Academic Interests

Relations between Mathematical Logic and Computation
Program Specification and their Proofs
The Curry—Howard Isomorphism and Type Theory

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Places where I have studied:

New York University, Graduate School, Computer Science Dept.
Yale University, Mathematics and Computer Science Dept.
University at Stony Brook, Computer Science Dept.
Moscow State University, Physics Dept.

Places where I have worked:

The NPD Group, Inc. (Programmer)
WNSL Physics Laboratory. (Programmer)
Ygreko™ Software — Programming and Graphics Design.

Student Conferences I have attended:

2004 New York Graduate School Logic Conference, St. Francis College.
2003 Fields Institute Summer School on Logic and Foundation of Computation, Ottawa, Canada.
2003 Fourth International Conference on Verification, Model Checking and Abstract Interpretation. New York.
2002 Proofs as Programs Summer School. Eugene, Oregon.
2001 Summer School on Logical Methods. Aarhus, Denmark.