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My name is Ross (also Rostislav) Goroshin, I am a PhD student in Computer Science at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. I study Machine Learning under Yann LeCun. My recent interests include: unsupervised learning, dictionary and representation (feature) learning. In the past I have worked on computer vision and robotics projects which involved ideas from: 3D computer vision, machine learning, applied variational methods, geodesic active contours, and the level-set method.

Recent Work

[1] Unsupervised Learning of Spatiotemporally Coherent Metrics
Ross Goroshin, Joan Bruna, Jonathan Tompson, David Eigen, Yann LeCun
[2] Unsupervised Feature Learning from Temporal Data
Ross Goroshin, Joan Bruna, Arthur Szlam, Jonathan Tompson, David Eigen, Yann LeCun, NIPS 2014 Deep Learning Workshop, Montreal, QC
[3] Efficient Object Localization Using Convolutional Networks
Jonathan Tompson, Ross Goroshin, Arjun Jain, Yann LeCun, Chris Bregler
[4] Saturating Auto-Encoders
Rostislav Goroshin and Yann LeCun, International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR 2013), Scottsdale, AZ

Prior Work

[1] "Approximate solutions to several visibility optimization problems" Rostislav Goroshin, Quyen Huynh, and Hao-Min Zhou, Communications in Mathematical Sciences Volume 9 Issue 2, June 2011. Also available from UCLA(UCLA CAM Report 10-07).
[2] "Automated cable detection in sonar imagery" J.C. Isaacs, R. Goroshin, IEEE SMC 2009, San Antonio, TX
[3] "Obstacle Detection using a Monocular Camera" Rostislav Goroshin, Georgia Institute of Technology M.S. Thesis 2008. Georgia Tech ETD

Past & Present

2010-Present: New York University (PhD in Computer Science) 
2008-Present: Naval Surface Warfare Center-Panama City Division (Computational Science Branch)
2006-2008: Georgia Institute of Technology (M.S. in Electrical Engineering, minor Mathematics)
2002-2006: Concordia University (B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering with Distinction)
2000-2002: Vanier College (Diplome d'etudes collegiales (DEC) en Sciences pures et appliquees) 


 My contact information can be found here.

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