Careers in CS

Career Paths in Computer Science & Information Technology

Creative positions: Industrial Designer, Modeler/Artist/Designer, Producer, User Interface Developer/Designer, Web Developer, and Webmaster

Engineering positions: Quality Assurance Engineer, Software Engineer, Application Programmer, Hardware or Circuit Engineer, Technical Writer, Database Administrator

Support positions: Technical Support, Training Consultant, Management Information Systems, System Administrator, Information Security Specialist

Sales, Public Relations, and Marketing positions: Public Relations Manager, Sales Associate, Sales Manager, Marketing Communication, Direct Marketing, Product Manager

Not sure if Computer Science is right for you?

The Job Market for skilled Computer Scientists continues to be EXCELLENT. Consider this...

Computer Science and Computer Engineering are two of the top three college majors that lead to the most lucrative careers. "Those graduating with a degree in computer science are seeing heaftier increases. According to NACE, information sciences and systems grads earn $42,375 a year on average. That's up 10.7 percent from a year earlier. Meanwhile, computer science graduates make $49,036 a year, a gain of 4.1 percent." More..

-CNN Money, July 2004

"It's ferocious," says Connie Thanasoulis, Merrill Lynch & Co.'s director of campus recruiting. "You have to get the technology part right because that's become the guts of the organization." More..

-Bloomberg, June 27, 2007

Best Undergrad College Degrees By Salary

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Recent CS Graduate Employment Statistics

  • Bloomberg, Junior Software Developer
  • Citigroup, Technology Associate
  • Deutsche Bank, IT Analyst
  • E*TRADE Financial, Software Developer
  • JPMorgan Chase, Analyst
  • Merrill Lynch, Technology Analyst

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