The Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's Program

Outstanding computer science majors can pursue a Master's degree in computer science while still fulfilling the requirements for their Bachelor's degree. Students may apply to the program once they have completed a minimum of 48 credits toward the bachelor's degree, but not more than 96 credits, and prior to their final two semesters. To be eligible, students must have a minimum of two semesters remaining in CAS during which they are still working towards completion of undergraduate requirements (e.g., MAP, major, minor, and/or minimum credit requirements).

The total time for this program (Bachelor's and Accelerated Master's) is five years.


  1. Have a minimum GPA of 3.70 in computer science and a general GPA of 3.50 at the end of the junior year. If a student takes the GRE's and receives a score of 720 in the Quantitative section and 5.0 in the Analytical section, a major GPA of 3.50 will be accepted.
  2. Complete the undergraduate computer science major by the end of the junior year in college.
  3. For admission to the accelerated program, submit an application to the College Advising Center along with two letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and an official NYU transcript. The usual GRE requirement will be waived. Application guidelines are available on the College's Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's Program website.
  4. Pass with a B or better at least three Master's level courses prior to graduation from CAS. These three courses will not count toward the 128 credits required for the Bachelor's degree, but will count towards the 32 credits required for the accelerated Master's degree.
  5. Complete at least 32 credits in the Master's program by the end of the fifth year. Note that completing fewer than 32 credits by the end of the fifth year will mean that the student will no longer be in the accelerated program and will then need to complete the full 36 credits for the Master's degree. In this case, the graduate courses which have been reserved for graduate credit will still count towards the Master's.
  6. Successfully complete three foundational courses early on in their career. These courses are Fundamental Algorithms, Programming Languages, and Operating Systems. To ensure satisfactory mastery of the foundational material, an M.S. student will remain in good standing only if he or she achieves a B- (2.7) or better rolling GPA in the foundational courses attempted so far. Students who fail to do so will be placed on probation and must meet the terms of their probation in the allotted time or will be terminated from the program. For detailed information on when students must take these foundational courses, please refer to:
  7. Either successfully complete, with a grade of B or better, a capstone course that represents a combination of the key elements of the M.S. program of study or, if approved complete an advanced lab, or if qualified, write a master.s thesis. In order to qualify to write a master.s thesis, a student must: a. Achieve a GPA of 3.75 or better after completing six courses; b. Complete the three foundational courses with a grade of B+ or better.
  8. Pass at least one course each in two of the following four subject areas: graphics, computation for science and society, artificial intelligence, and databases. Note: Computation for science and society includes courses on numerical methods and courses on applications of computation to the physical, biological, and social sciences.

There is no double-counting of courses. Students must complete the 128 credits toward the Bachelor's degree and the 32 credits toward the Master's degree.

Graduate-level courses are three credits each. This means that a total of eleven courses, ten three-credit and one two-credit independent study, are required for the Master's part of the program. Students are advised to finish at least a fourth of the Master's requirements before the beginning of the fifth year.

The dual-degree program features a tuition scholarship ensuring that students pay for no more than 50 percent of the credits required for the Master's portion of the program. The tuition scholarship will remain available for twelve months after the completion of the undergraduate degree.

For more information schedule an appointment with the College Advising Center, Silver Center, Room 905 and visit the following link: Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's Program

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