Assignment 2

Game Genre Mechanics Magic circle My experience
Unreal Tournament First Person Shooter Shoot Opponents Being part of a team and beating opponents to complete tasks The Game was easy to learn and understand. But playing with experienced opponents did not augment learning. There were some tricks and tactics that would kill you instantly.
Age of Empires II : Conquerors Real time stratergy Build empires Manage resources and use stratergies to outsmart opponents My favorite game !! What I like about it the most is that there are very few direct ways to succeed. Every strategy has a well thought out counter strategy.
Bejeweled Puzzle Match jewels in a line to earn points Depends on the story. The basic version does not have any. I play the mobile version, which has levels and it has more to it that matching three same jewels
Fifa 2007 Sports Win soccer matches by controlling players One can show off skills and tactics which would not be possible in the physical world I am a big fan right from the 98 version. This game has its shortcomings though. Some moves/formations always score goals against the computer.
Far Cry First Person Shooter Shoot enemies Being able to kill at will This game has the most amazing graphics... ever !!!
Grand Theft Auto Third-Person Action Adventure Excel in different roles and finish tasks Being able to do whatever you want in a city I thought it is a nice story-telling game and very easy to learn as the initial tasks are easy. Also you do not have to go through a "tutorial phase". You pretty much get hang of it once you start playing
Prince of Persia Action-Adventure Rescue the princess by solving puzzles and killing enemies Being able to kill skeletons with a sword, jump over lava, drink potions and jump of insane heights A nice game from the 90's. I though it has a steep learning curve.
Wolf/Doom First Person Shooter Kill enemies and super monsters Killing people The first 3D game that I ever played