Kai Cao

PhD Candidate
Department of Computer Science
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
New York University

Advisor: Prof. Ralph Grishman
Member of: Proteus Group

Email: kcao@cs.nyu.edu
Office: 719 Broadway Room 701, New York, New York 10003, United States
Office Phone: 212-998-3127

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What's New

[01, 2016] We have one paper accepted by FLAIRS 2016.
[07, 2015] We have three papers accepted by RANLP 2015.
[06, 2015] We have one paper accepted by CNewS Workshop at ACL-IJCNLP 2015.
[05, 2015] I am excited to start my summer internship at Amazon Echo Speech Lab @ Boston!


New York University (Sept. 2010 ~ Present)
    Ph.D. in Computer Science
    Advisor: Prof. Ralph Grishman
    Member of: Proteus Group

Nanjing University (Sept. 2006 ~ Jun. 2010)
    B.S. in Software Engineering
    Advisor: Prof. Zhihong Zhao
Kai Cao


I am currently a fifth-year PhD candidate in Computer Science Department of New York University.
My advisor is Prof. Ralph Grishman, and I am a member of Proteus Group.
My research interests lie in Natural Language Processing, Information Extraction, Event Extraction, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Understanding.

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Recent Publications

Editorial & Reviews

I am the Editorial of IJNLC (International Journal on Natural Language Computing)
I am the reviewer of RANLP 2017 (Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing)
I am the committee member of FLAIRS-30 (The Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society)
I am the committee member of NLPCC 2017 (The Sixth Conference on Natural Language Processing and Chinese Computing)

Internship & Working Experience

May 2015 ~ September 2015. Amazon Lab. Speech & Machine Learning Scientist.
July 2012. POSTECH. Visiting Scientist.
July 2011 ~ August 2011. JYRH Company. Trader.
April 2010 ~ July 2010. SLAM Magazine in Shanghai. Basketball Columnist.

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