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My recent research projects can be found here. On this page you will find a list of projects that I worked on in the past.

Past Projects

RuralCafe: A platform for asynchronous web search and browsing over extremely slow or intermittent networks or when no connection is available at all. WWW 2009 (pdf)

Contextual Information Portals: A Contextual Information Portal (CIP) is an offline repository of web pages tailored to the particular context in which it is to be used. A CIP allows people to reliably interact with large amounts of content despite being completely offline or behind a slow/intermittent connection. WWW 2011 (pdf)

Small Packet TCP Regimes: TCP and other common congestion control protocols break down in the highly shared resulting in severe unfairness, high packet loss rates, and flow silences due to repetitive timeouts. SIGMETRICS 2011 Poster (pdf)

SMS Find: SMS Find is a SMS-based search service that gives users immediate access to information on their mobile phone without subscription to a data plan. SMS Find is targeted at people who for whatever reason do not have access to a WAP enabled phone or a data plan. MobiCom 2010 (pdf)

ELF: Event Logger for Firefox (ELF) is a Firefox extension that logs various browsing statistics and reports them back to a central server for analysis. It is an easily deployable client-side logging tool for researchers to understand search and browsing behavior. WWW 2011 (pdf)

Epothecary: An anti-counterfeiting track and trace system which uses built-in functionality in midlevel mobile telephones including cameras, SMS, and optionally GPS to construct a robust system for tracking and verifying the pedigrees of pharmaceutical products at every point in the distribution chain. Mobiheld 2009 (pdf)

UjU: A mobile application platform that simplies the design of new SMS-based mobile applications. We have successful deployments with clients in Ghana, Mexico, and India. DEV 2010 (pdf)

Hermes: A physical layer modulation/demodulation protocol that enables data communication over unknown acoustic voice channels. Hermes provides 1.5 Kbps data connectivity over a narrowband 3 Khz GSM voice channel. MobiCom 2010 (pdf)