For unix/linux platform with SWT 3.0.2

  org/eclipse/swt/browser/ change "static String error(int)" to "static String serror(int)"
  org/eclipse/swt/browser/, HelperAppLauncherDialog?.java, PromptService?.java, WindowCreator?.java: replace Browser.error by Browser.serror

and the following header files:

  org/eclipse/swt/widgets/Display.h: comment out "static jint fixedClassInitProc; static jint fixedMapProc;" 
  org/eclipse/swt/graphics/Device.h: comment out "static jint XErrorProc?; static jint XIOErrorProc?;"
  org/eclipse/swt/browser/Browser.h: comment out "static jint eventProc; "

For Windows platform (using GCJ for mingw)

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