Graduate Special Topics in Computer Science

NOTE: for descriptions of standard graduate computer science courses, see Graduate Course Descriptions.

G22.3033.01 Data Quality

Pre-requisites: Familiarity with databases; some knowlegde of AI helpful, but not mandatory.

As more and more information is being collected, aggregated, and presented in different formats for analytical purposes, the question of how poor data quality affects the ability to use data becomes extremely important. In this course, we will explore issues of data quality, ranging from clearly stating a value proposition for a data quality program, to investigating the dimensions of data quality and their effects with respect to data extraction and transformation, methods for improving data quality, reference data domains and mappings between those domains, the definition and use of rules to describe data quality, and how those rules can be used to effect higher quality information systems.

In addition, we will look at data cleansing and standardization techniques, knowledge discovery for business and data quality rules, and scalability issues surrounding data quality applications. There will be at least one project involving the accumulation, and qualification of data sets for importation into an analytical data mart.

G22.3033.02 eCommerce Strategies & Technologies

E-Commerce Strategies & Technologies is designed to investigate existing and proposed models of electronic commerce and examine their underlying implementation strategies. Topics will include (but are not limited to) design, performance, privacy, security, and risk assessment.

Special emphasis will be placed on business-to-business e-commerce solutions, incubator-style interventions, and issues confronting the deployment of e-commerce in developing and transition economies. Students will conduct case-studies of selected e-commerce enterprises, with a focus on their technical implementation, and, in small groups, specify a new or hypothetical e-commerce system.

Class size will be limited so as to encourage a seminar-like dialogue and provide the opportunity for student presentations of selected case studies. Familiarity with web technologies, database systems, and programming is expected.

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