Honors Algebra II. MATH-UA.0349-001 Spring 2017

WEEK Feb 20-24. Feb 20 is President's Day and there are NO classes at NYU. Prof. Spencer will be at a conference for the entire week of Feb 20-24. However. the class Feb 22 will be given by Kaiqi Yang. There will be an assignment for that week and the regular recitation class on Friday. There will be NO office hours for Prof. Spencer that week.


Click here postscript LaTeX pdf for a TENTATIVE outline and lots of information.


Prof. Joel Spencer
wwh 829; x83219; {lowercaselastname}@cims.nyu.edu

Calling is not encouraged. Emailing is. Especially for those "stupid" questions (which frequently are anything but) to clarify something. Replies are often very quick -- but no promises!

Office Hours: Tuesday 1:00-2:30

When and Where

Monday and Wednesday, 11:00-12:15. ciww 317


Note: Recitation is Mandatory! MATH-UA.0349-002

Recitation Instructor: Kaiqi Yang

Class, Friday, 2:00-3:15 ciww 317

Office Hours, Wednesday, 3:40-4:40 p.m. wwh524


Send me an email: {lowercaselastname}@cims.nyu.edu


Generally there will be assignments every week. They will be put online, usually on Monday, and due at recitation. (They will be posted here.) The assignment for the first week is not to be submitted. It is posted early as an optional warmup.

Assignment 1 postscript LaTeX pdf

Assignment 2, Cue Friday, February 3, in recitation postscript LaTeX pdf

Assignment 3, Cue Friday, February 10, in recitation postscript LaTeX pdf

Assignment 4, Cue Friday, February 17, in recitation postscript LaTeX pdf

Assignment 5, Cue Friday, February 24, in recitation postscript LaTeX pdf


Solutions will be posted here after the recitation section.

Assignment 1 postscript LaTeX pdf picture

Assignment 2 postscript LaTeX pdf jpgfor4a

Assignment 3 postscript LaTeX pdf

Assignment 4 postscript LaTeX pdf

Final Exam

The final exam will be on Monday, May 15, 10:00 a.m.-11:50 a.m. It will cover the entire course. (But it will NOT cover Algebra I.) You MUST NOT go home before that!!

Extra Stuff

Extra material will be posted here