[coral-announce] CoralCDN starts using port 8080

Michael J Freedman mfreed at cs.nyu.edu
Sat Feb 18 19:08:16 EST 2006


It's been a while since we've sent out any changes to CoralCDN, but two 
announcements today:

   1. CoralCDN now listens on both port 8090 AND 8080.  Therefore, you can
      now access Coral by adding 'nyud.net:8080' to any URL.

      We actually recommend that people transition to using port 8080:
      Many corporate firewalls---that otherwise block port 8090---will
      actually let requests to port 8080 through, as it's a standard
      alternative to port 80 for running web servers.

      We will still continue to offer service on port 8090 for the near
      future for backwards compatibility.

   2. We've greatly improved the speed by which web proxies can restart
      after failure:  A proxy now fills its in-memory metadata file cache
      of asynchronously, instead of as a blocking operation at startup.

Mike Freedman
CoralCDN Project Lead

www.michaelfreedman.org                              www.coralcdn.org

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