Fundamental Algorithms -- Spring 2015


Click here postscript LaTeX pdf for syllabus and more info. This syllabus has been revised in the wake of the missed class. There can be further changes. They will be posted on this website.

When and Where

Monday 5-6:50, ciww 109


Prof. Joel Spencer

Office: 829ciww

Email: {lowercaselastname}

Office Hours: Tuesday 3-5, ciww 829


Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest and Stein

We are using the THIRD edition.


Thursday 5:10-6, ciww109

Instructor: Molly Alter

Basic Information

There will be a final exam and a midterm.

There will be assignments to be handed in pretty much every week.

The assignments to be submitted at the start of the next Recitation Section.

Chat Room

Students can access both a chat room and a message board on the NYU Classes website ( Prof Spencer will NOT be looking at the chat room (which perhaps gives students more freedom to chat), but will (usually!) respond to emails sent directly to him.


Assignments are to be handed in at the start of the Recitation Section. Generally (but not always) they will be posted before Prof Spencer's Lecture on Monday.

Electronic submissions are NOT accepted -- hard copy must be submitted.

In rare circumstances (e.g.: student at out of town job interview) exceptions may be made by Prof. Spencer but the student MUST notify Prof. Spencer in advance.

SPECIAL NOTE: Prof. Spencer encourages collaboration on the assignments. Find someone (preferably, someone smarter than you!) or, even better, create a small group and discuss the assignments together. However, all students must hand in the assignments individually and must write out the solutions in their own words. At the top of the assignment the collaborators must be listed: E.g.: Collaboration with Alan Turing and William Gates.

Problem Set I: postscript LaTeX pdf Due Thursday, Feb 5, in recitation.

Problem Set II: postscript LaTeX pdf Due Thursday, Feb 12, in recitation.

President's Day -- No Class No Recitation. Just for Fun: postscript LaTeX pdf

Problem Set III: postscript LaTeX pdf Due Thursday, Feb 26, in recitation.


Will be posted here after the assignments are handed in.

Problem Set I: postscript LaTeX pdf

Problem Set II: postscript LaTeX pdf

Midterm Exam

In class, Monday, March 30. This will cover all material up to and including the week before. It will be (subject to change) a sixty minute exam. We do not (again, subject to change) expect to do any other material that class period. More information about the exam will appear HERE as the date draws closer.

Final Exam

Monday, May 18, 5:10-7:00 p.m. in ciww 109

NOTE: Do NOT NOT NOT arrange your flight home for before that!!!

Various Notes


Send me an email: {lowercaselastname}

Just In Case

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