G22.2250: Operating Systems (OS Design)
2007-08 Spring—Allan Gottlieb



Lab 4 is available. It is due 9 April 2008.

Lab 3 is available. It is due 26 March 2008.

Lab 2 is available. It is due 27 February 2008.

Lab 1 is available. It is due 6 February 2008.

Lecture Notes

Note that the 3e of the text just came out and is the one we are using. I just received my copy in early january. Do not print the current version of the lecture notes, which is based on the 2e. I will be updating the notes for the 3e as the semester progresses.

Final Exam

The final exam will be on wednesday 7 May from 7:105pm to 9pm.

A practice final is here.
Answers to the practice final are here.

Office Hours: Wednesday 3-4:45, and by email appt

Homework Solutions (password required)

Teaching Assistant

Your labs should be sent via email to Jay Chen, the TA for this course. His email is jchen AT cs DOT nyu DOT edu.

Please include the following as the Subject: of your message OS-lab#-lastname, where # is replaced by the number of the lab and lastName is your last name in lower case.


Policy on academic integrity

Allan Gottlieb